Interfaith Campus Ministries Association

Interfaith Campus Ministers Association (ICMA), is an affiliate organization of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). It is an interfaith, nonprofit coalition of religious leaders serving VCU students, faculty, staff and administration. The Association is organized to coordinate religious services and activities, to sponsor religious and educational programs and to foster mutual support among campus ministry professionals.

ICMA-VCU Religious Groups Information Request


12 N. 19th St.
Richmond, VA 23223
Email: Josh Soto
Phone: (540) 435-7818

Baptist Collegiate Ministry - The Center @ VCU

819 S. Cathedral Place
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Nic Uebel
Phone: (703) 244-8544

Catholic Campus Ministry at The Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

800 S. Cathedral Place
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Mary Rebecca
Phone: (434) 203-2575

Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

1836 Park Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Mike Godzwa
Phone: (202-422-6756

Christian Student Fellowship

611 W. Cary St., Unit A
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Josh Smith
Phone: (804) 614-6927
Email: Landon Elliott
Phone: (252) 202-5263


Email: Brandon Spurlock
Phone: (703) 850-6066

Episcopal Campus Ministry

8 N. Laurel St.
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Rev. Kimberly Reinholz
Phone: (804) 359-5628 ext.13

First English Lutheran Church

1603 Monument Ave.
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: John Schweitzer
Phone: (804) 355-9185

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Email: Kip Hart
Phone: (804) 338-0536
Email: Amanda McCullough
Phone: (717) 468-0675

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Greek Life

Email: Cierra Wilson
Phone: (804) 338-0536

Jewish Life at VCU

Project of Hillel and Chabad on Campus
115 N Morris St.
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Rabbi Matisyahu Friedman
Phone: (804) 601-4613

Muslim Student Association

410 N. 12th St.
Richmond, VA 23298
Email: M. Imad Damaj, Ph.D.
Phone: (804) 828-1676

Pace Campus Ministry (Methodist)

700 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Rev. Katie Gooch 
Phone: (804) 658-4064

Reformed University Fellowship

Email: Harrison Ford 
Phone: (757) 646-2700

ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries

1805 Monument Avenue, Suite 316
Richmond, VA 23220
Email: Chris McDaniel
Phone: (804) 355-3787


5 N. 5th St.
Richmond, VA 23227
Email: Rev. Molly Spangler
Phone: (336) 880-7535

Young Life at VCU

P.O. Box 6655
Ashland, VA 23005
Email: Dave Blanco
Phone: (540) 290-8003


Kip Hart
Phone: (804) 338-0536

Vice President

Nic Uebel
Phone: (703) 244-8544


Mike Godzwa
Phone: (202-422-6756)

VCU Liaison to ICMA

Kyle Dailey
Associate Dean of Students
Division of Student Affairs
Phone: (804) 828-1244